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  • From Sensing to Understanding with Smart Radars – Technology Innovations and Applications

    Wednesday 17 November, 13h00-17h00@ Flanders Make, Heverlee TOPIC OF THIS HYBRID WORKSHOP In this workshop that is co-organised by imec and Flanders Make, we will explain and demonstrate the potential of today’s smart radars for advanced RF sensing applications. Due to the shift to higher frequencies (60 GHz and up) and the integration of multiple […]

  • 34th Workshop – Bluetooth: Technology Innovations & Applications

    VIRTUAL EDITION – WEBINAR : Tuesday 29 June, 12h30-14h15 TOPIC OF THIS WEBINAR In this virtual workshop we will address technology innovations that have been adopted in the latest versions of the Bluetooth standards, such as mesh networking, low-power features, and LE Audio. Speakers from industry will then zoom in on the possibilities and challenges […]

  • 33rd Workshop – Wireless technologies for social distancing

    VIRTUAL EDITION – WEBINAR : Monday 30 November, 12h00-14h20 TOPIC OF THIS WEBINAR The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased adoption of wireless technologies for high-resolution ranging. The well-known Coronalert app uses Bluetooth signal strengths to measure the proximity of 2 smartphones. In a business context, we see the the fast market introduction of […]

  • 32nd Workshop – Experimentation Facilities for Wireless Connectivity in Industrial IoT Applications

    VIRTUAL EDITION – WEBINAR : Tuesday 8 September, 1.30 PM TOPIC OF THIS WORKSHOP Industrial IoT applications often come with very specific challenges and requirements for wireless communication technologies, such as (very) low latency in command and control systems, high reliability in safety-critical applications, and high data rates in computer vision powered IoT. In this […]