Building reliable (WiFi/5G/…) networks for challenging and time-critical applications

Tuesday 7 May 2024, 12h00-19h00
@ e-BO Enterprises, Oostende

Newer wireless technologies (such as WiFi 6, 5G, Bluetooth 5.2,…) promise a higher throughput and a lower latency. However, there are no mechanisms to guarantee a robust and low-latency operation in wireless environments that are shared with other (interfering) devices and technologies.

In this workshop we will address technology innovations to achieve robust and time-critical wireless communication, even in challenging and dynamic environments where multiple wireless networks with different technologies may compete for the same spectrum.

We will show how (Wi-Fi) networks can optimize their own operation, taking into account the activity and performance of other technologies that operate in the same space.

Speakers from both academia and industry will zoom in on the possibilities of their innovations for applications such as wireless conferencing, mission-critical communication, hearables and voice-enabled devices, and robust in-house Wi-Fi.

The workshop includes presentations and (live) demos, and is accessible to all enthusiasts in wireless technology. Topics include a.o.

  • a general overview of the current and emerging Wi-Fi standards
  • time-sensitive networking
  • network management
  • applications (in products of local companies)


12h00 Registration & sandwich lunch
13h00 Introduction
download presentation (only for members)
Kris Hermus, Coordinator Wireless Community & Innovation Program Manager Flanders, imec

Demanding use cases for wireless communication
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Karel Buijsse, Chief product officer, e-BO Enterprises

This session delves into emerging use cases for wireless communication with stringent performance requirements. We’ll explore the suitability of Wi-Fi technology, analyze its potential and limitations, and discuss future advancements for high-performance wireless applications.

13h40 Wi-Fi aiming for lower latency and higher reliability: a tutorial
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Jeroen Hoebeke, Professor, imec-IDLab-UGent

The latest Wi-Fi generations bring faster, more efficient, and more reliable wireless networks. This talk will discuss the key features to support low latency and to improve reliability that are present in Wi-Fi 6 and are planned to be incorporated in Wi-Fi 7 and 8.

14h05 Wi-Fi meets determinism
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Jetmir Haxhibeqiri, Postdoctoral researcher, imec-IDLab-UGent
Andrei Belogaev, Postdoctoral researcher, imec-IDLab-UAntwerp

Following a brief introduction to time-sensitive networking, this talk will discuss 3 options on how to bring determinism to Wi-Fi: low-level chip modifications using openwifi, software-based shaping on top of commercial hardware and the use of the upcoming R-TWT feature.

14h25 Time-critical multimedia systems
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Wim Sandra, Director R&D and Product management, Televic Conference

  • hybrid wired/wireless networking
  • audio and video processing
  • FPGA to CPU
  • Demo 1 – Televic: time-critical multimedia system
  • Demo 2 – Proximus: evolution of Wi-Fi for RES/SME market
  • Demo 3 – imec-IDLab-UAntwerp: Controller architecture, INT Monitoring, and Soft-TSN
  • Demo 4 – imec-IDLab-UGent: time-sensitive wireless communication in the presence of mobility
  • Demo 5 – e-BO Enterprises: platform for time-critical communication
  • Demo 6 – imec-IDLab-UGent: openwifi OFDMA
16h05 Private 5G for industrial and offshore applications
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Timothy Vandenbusssche, Senior project leader, Flanders Make

  • measurements in industrial 5G setups, heat map creation and digital twin
  • control strategies to avoid bad network areas with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)
  • future offshore deployment and tests
16h25 Wi-Fi 6 OFDMA: simulation and implementation
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Jeroen Famaey, Professor, imec-IDLab-UAntwerp
Xianjun Jiao, Senior researcher, imec-IDLab-UGent

Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) is a technology of Wi-Fi 6 that lets access points serve multiple clients at the same time, aiming to reduce contention and hence latency. OFDMA’s basic principles will be explained, along with simulation results of its expected performance and a fully controllable implementation in openwifi.

16h45 Wireless network management
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Gilson Miranda, imec-IDLab-UAntwerp
Pablo Avila Campos, imec-IDLab-UGent

To be able to continuously fulfill the requirements of applications, proper wireless network management is key. This talk will dive into a wireless network controller architecture that utilizes real-time monitoring for decision-making. Specifically, its role in realizing time-sensitive wireless handovers will be illustrated.

17u05 Last-hop LE Audio extension of wireless time-sensitive networking (TSN)
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Mathias Baert, PhD researcher, imec-IDLab-UGent
Jorgen Van Parys, Senior system engineer, Qorvo

To support wearables such as headphones, time-sensitive audio streaming over Wi-Fi can be extended to LE Audio. This talk will discuss the realization of such last-hop LE Audio extensions, including real-time transmission status monitoring of the LE Audio stream.

17h25 Plenary Q&A session
17h35 Networking reception
19h00 End of the workshop



  • Imec employees and residents: free of charge
  • Employees of Wireless Community members: free of charge
  • Others:
    • 80 EUR (excl VAT) early bird until April 30
    • 100 EUR (excl VAT) late registration from May 1

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