14th work meeting – Remote Sensing Technologies

imec, 10 December 2013

Wireless technologies for remote sensing
gaming – automotive – food – robotics – medical – industrial 

Wireless technology is capable of much more than communication of data. Intelligent measurement and processing of the characteristics of reflected or transmitted EM waves allow us e.g. measuring the position and speed of cars (radar), interpreting the movements of hands and fingers (gesture recognition), characterising biological tissue etc.
In this session we will discuss the technologies behind these “remote sensing” applications.
The focus will be on the wireless building blocks, but we also address the necessary signal processing and interpretation.
Join us and share your vision on future applications for remote sensing.


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  • Non-members: 80 EUR (until November 25) or 100 EUR (from November 26)

Imec – Kapeldreef 75, Leuven

Preliminary programme
13:00 Registration
13:30 Introduction 
Kris Hermus, Coordinator Wireless Community, imec
13:50 CMOS-based millimeter-wave sensing: technology and applications
Wim Van Thillo, Senior Researcher, imec
14:25 Trends in signal processing for automotive radar systems
Feike Jansen, Principal Scientist, NXP Semiconductors
15:00 THz imaging in CMOS at KU Leuven: status and some examples
(introduction to separate poster presentation)

Patrick Reynaert, Professor, and Wouter Steyaert, Research Assistant, KU Leuven-ESAT
15:15 Coffee break with poster presentations
Millimeter Wave Sensing @ ETRO-VUB: Beyond the Conventional Limits
J. Stiens, W. Vandermeiren, V. Matvejev, C. De Tandt, W. Ranson, G. Shkerdin,  R. Vounckx, Y. Trabelsi, A. Pourkazemi, B. Zhu, Y. Zhang, G. Pandey,  A. Arta, G. He, H. Alkorre,  S. Georgopoulou, VUB-ETRO
THz imaging in CMOS at KU Leuven
Patrick Reynaert and Wouter Steyaert, KU Leuven-ESAT
15:45 Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy
Marion Matters, Professor, TU Eindhoven
16:20 Microwaves meet life science and technology: challenges and opportunities
Ilja Ocket, Senior Researcher, imec / KU Leuven-TELEMIC
16:55 3D imaging and gesture recognition by means of time-of-flight sensing: technology and applications (with demo of close-range depth sensing)
Rogier Scheffer, Applications and Customer Support Manager, SoftKinetic
17:30 Reception and networking opportunities