Reliable, low-latency wireless communication in challenging environments

Tuesday 27 June 2023, 12h00-19h00
@ iGent Tower, Technologiepark Zwijnaarde

In this workshop we will present – and live demonstrate – recent technology innovations for reliable, low-latency wireless (sensor) communication in challenging environments, such as production environments, complex buildings, large (industrial) sites, etc.
Topics include a.o.

  • network quality evaluation
  • network planning toolRF power transfer
  • standards and protocols for industrial IoT
  • comparisoon between 5G and WiFi6
  • new approach for accurate ranging with WiFi RTT
  • deterministic, time-sensitive networking

Our experts from local industry and academia will cover the whole innovation cycle, from new theoretical concepts to practical implementation into industry-ready solutions.


12h00Registration & Sandwich lunch
Kris Hermus, Coordinator Wireless Community & Innovation Program Manager Flanders, imec
Kris Van de Voorde, Innovation Program Manager Flanders, imec (on behalf of the EDIH DIGITALIS Consortium)
13h15Wireless connectivity: from proximity to infinitydownload presentation (only for members)

Jeroen Hoebeke, Professor, imec-IDLab-UGent

An ever-growing number of devices is being connected to the Internet. With billions of these devices operating in diverse contexts, finding the right connectivity solutions becomes crucial.
This talk will give an overview of the dynamic wireless connectivity landscape. From low-end to high-end solutions, from short-range terrestrial to the expanse of space, we will walk through the full spectrum of options.
13h45How to achieve ultra-reliable, low-latency wireless connectivity?download presentation (only for members)

Ingrid Moerman, Professor, imec-IDLab-UGent
Bart Mellaerts, Solution developer / 5G Industry Campus Europe, Ericsson

Since the 1980s, Ethernet has been the standard technology for exchanging reliable and time-critical data in challenging professional environments with very strict demands on reliability and bounded latency (such as industrial automation, interactive multimedia systems, etc.). Ethernet-based Time-Sensitive Networks (TSNs) are very robust, but also have a major drawback: with cables running everywhere, it is hard to extend with mobile devices or rearrange a factory’s production floor. Time-critical application domains are therefore calling for the installation of wireless TSNs, unhindered by the rollout of cables. During this talk, we will elaborate on the design challenges in adding TSN capabilities to wireless networks and achieving integration with wired TSN. Bart Mellaerts will illustrate how 5G networks can provide low-latency and ultra-high reliable connectivity, while Ingrid Moerman will present imec’s Wi-Fi TSN solution. This talk will conclude by positioning Wi-Fi TSN solutions against 5G URLLC.
14h25Accurate positioning with Wi-Fi FTMdownload presentation (only for members)

Matthias Carlier, Research Engineer, Flanders Make

We present the first results of a practical evaluation of Wi-Fi FTM/RTT (Fine Time Measurement/Round Trip Time), for accurate measurement of the distance between a Wi-Fi client and Wi-Fi access points.
  • Demo 1 – imec-IDLab-UAntwerpen/UGent: time-sensitive networking solution showing multi-hop end-to-end wired (Ethernet) – wireless (WiFi) connectivity supported by infrastructure and a centralised software-defined networking (SDN) controller
  • Demo 2 – imec-IDLab-UGent: point-to-point, Better than Wired ultra-reliable low-latency direct wireless connectivity
  • Demo 3 – Flanders Make: automated network quality evaluation using Wi-Fi FTM positioning
15h55Wireless network planning in challenging environmentsdownload presentation (only for members)
Luc Martens, Professor, imec-WAVES-UGent

The quality of wireless communication, including its robustness, throughput, and latency, relies significantly on the path loss and signal delay experienced during propagation between the base station(s) and the wireless receiver. In demanding environments like production facilities and warehouses, where the propagation conditions are harsh, planning a wireless network can be challenging. It requires a deep understanding of propagation phenomena. In this presentation, we will elucidate these phenomena and provide insights into designing a resilient wireless network that considers these factors in such challenging environments.
16h25Automated quality of service map generation and navigationdownload presentation (only for members)

Carlos Tiana Gomez, Associate application engineer, Flanders Make

We present a tool to use an AGV to navigate through an environment to create a network QoS map. An interactive map can be created where to visualize the results. In the future, it can be used to navigate in the same environment taking into account the quality of service (QoS), which would in turn allow the robot to offload computationally expensive tasks (such as control itself) while ensuring reliability of communication, or share world models with other AGVs / devices
16h40Use cases for wireless communication in challenging environments at BASFdownload presentation (only for members)

Jan Smet, Manager Connectivity, Automation security & Industrial Telecom, BASF
16h55Telecom 4.0: Mobile connectivity for manufacturing and industrydownload presentation (only for members)

Tom Collins, Research expert, Citymesh

The industrial revolution and development of telecommunications have developed fairly distinct markets, but mobile private networks may be the enabler for wider wireless adoption in industry. This presentation looks at the interfaces and challenges to overcome for industry to identify valuable solutions.
17h10Plenary Q&A session
17h15Networking reception
19h00End of the workshop



  • Imec employees and residents: free of charge
  • Employees of Wireless Community members: free of charge
  • Others:
    • 80 EUR (excl VAT) early bird until June 20
    • 100 EUR (excl VAT) late registration from June 21

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