KaHo Sint-Lieven, 27 March 2014

ECUMICT – Sixth European Conference on Wireless and Mobile Applications on March 27-28, 2014 in Ghent, Belgium.
More info on www.ecumict.be

ECUMICT is a two-days conference on Wireless and Mobile Applications, organized by the wireless and mobile communications research group (DraMCo), ESAT, Faculty of Engineering Technology, KU Leuven, in coorporation with a scientific committee composed of experts from universities and institutes of higher education in Europe.

We will welcome papers covering topics in the domains of (but not limited to):

  • Security for mobile communications and data access
  • Interface technology for mobile devices
  • Application development for mobile devices
  • Positioning and localization, asset tracking and tracing
  • Design and applications of RFID systems
  • Developments in the framework of IoT and M2M communications
  • Design and applications of WSNs
  • Embedded programming for WSNs
  • New developments and applications of WPAN/WLAN standards
  • Mobile multimedia systems
  • Wireless telecommunication network and mobile services
  • Optimization techniques in wireless networks
  • Developments in ad-hoc and mesh networks
  • Applications of digital signal processing for mobile applications
  • Applications of MEMs in WSNs
  • Wireless for smart homes and buildings

Papers shall describe the results of recent research, preferably with a strong link to practical implementations or to industrial applications and recent research results from cooperation between industrial and academic partners. The scientific and theoretical background should be highlighted as well.


  • The Wireless and Mobile Communications research group (DraMCo), ESAT, Faculty of Engineering Technology, KU Leuven (ass)
  • Technology Campus Ghent
  • Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1
  • B 9000 Ghent
  • Belgium
  • info@ecumict.be