Wireless Community

A LOT OF TOPICS IN WIRELESS - wireless communication standards - cognitive radio and spectrum sensing - wireless sensor networks - analogue and digital design - wireless energy harvesting and transfer - satellite communication - wireless technologies for positioning - EM radiation and propagation - antenna design - regulations - interference management in coexisting wireless networks - 60 GHz communication - RFID - ...

THE WIRELESS COMMUNITY IS - a group of >150 scientific experts - from local industry, academia and innovation partners - who share up-to-date expert information - about wireless communication and standards - during regular work meetings - and via an online platform - facilitating R&D collaborations between the members - founded (2009) and coordinated by imec

OUR VALUE - you will discover the latest evolutions in wireless communications and standards in our regular workshops. We provide ample time for (technical) discussions between our members, and for networking between the >150 experts in our Community. We bring together experts from academia, industry, and innovation partner, and pave the way for successful R&D collaborations.