Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen

The e-lab research group of the Artesis University College of Antwerp, focuses on two main research domains:
Ambient Intelligence: RTLS, NFC, MEMS, …. and Ambient Multimedia Imaging: Digital Watermarking, Medical Imaging, …
The Ambient Intelligence research group aims at establishing itself as a centre of knowledge in the field of positioning on the macro, medium, and micro level, auto-identification, and the different RF communication technologies in general. The main focus of the AMBIT group is 3D location tracking and more specifically the development of a platform for an inter-working of embedded localization and communication systems. We want to seamlessly combine the possibilities for outdoor and indoor localization for the end user, through the use of different technologies such as GPS, Galileo, GSM, Wi-Fi, WSN, and RFID, augmented with extra input from different kinds of sensors (e.g. MEMS).