We are a leader in advanced solutions for tomorrow’s technologies.

With a mission to empower innovators of electronic applications to turn ideas and designs into exceptional products.

If you’re in search of a trusted technology solutions partner, your search ends here. Our extensive knowledge, cutting-edge portfolio, and worldwide capabilities are at your service to bring the future into reality.

We are driven to develop solutions that enhance our shared technological future

Established for over 50 years, we partner with leading and innovative manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of specialised products and solutions, covering a broad spectrum of the latest technologies. Our portfolio spans interconnect, sensors, communications, photonics, imaging, magnetic components, power supplies, and embedded computing.

In addition to top technologies, we complement these with invaluable engineering expertise as well as in-house capabilities in design, manufacturing, and supply chain proficiency to expedite, expand, and enhance the longevity of your creations.

We underpin these services with our consultative, design-oriented approach. Our team of 150+ engineers are dedicated to solving technical challenges. For more complex undertakings, our cutting-edge technology centres are at your disposal to create tailor-made solutions for even the most intricate projects, guiding you in realising your design vision and meeting your specific requirements.

Focusing on markets such as renewable energy, transportation, and medical, as well as the industrial and connectivity sectors, we are supporting our customers as they look to solve the technical challenges of tomorrow by developing an enhanced technological future, today.