At this page you will find all presentations and other resources as presented at our Wireless Community workshops. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order and can also be found through search.

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  • Challenges for successful IoT integration: The importance of the middleware platform to achieve performance, reliability, efficiency & security

    Speaker: Ben Rodriguez, CEO Company/ Institute: Hipperos Event: 25th workshop Date: 6 February 2018 Abstract: IoT devices typically capture data from sensors, perform some computation and then use wireless communication protocols to communicate with each other or with some cloud-based data storage or cloud computing systems. In many applications, such distributed IoT networks and devices […]

  • Challenges on the realization and measurement of integrated circuits suitable for 60GHz and higher

    Speaker: Reza Mahmoudi Company/ Institute: TU Eindhoven Event: 4th work meeting Date: 25 March 2010 Abstract: In this presentation we will discuss the problems and bottlenecks that we have encountered at TU/e for the realization of 60GHz circuits. We will present the realized circuits and our measurement facilities. Slides: click here to download (Community members only, login required)

  • Changing the world of logistics, with flexible and disposable plastic RFID and NFC chips.

    Speaker: Kris Myny, Principal member of technical staff Company/ Institute: imec Event: 23rd workshop Date: 19 June 2017 Abstract: Imec has built NFC and RFID tags which are made with plastic electronics technology. These tags can be produced through low cost large-area manufacturing processes, and opens up several new possibilities for NFC and RFID deployments. […]

  • ChipDesign’s Tunable Antenna for Mobile Devices

    Speaker: Laurena Lau, Transceive, NL (presenter), Sander Bronckers, TU/e, NL (presenter) and Koen Van Caekenberghe, ChipDesign, BE Company/ Institute: ChipDesign Event: 16th work meeting Date: 16 October Abstract: The design of antennas for mobile devices is becoming increasingly challenging. New wireless standards, touting enhanced throughput, require both the coverage of more frequency bands per antenna (to […]

  • City of Things: bringing the Internet of Things to the city

    Speaker: Bart Lannoo, Operational Lead MOSAIC Research Group Bart Lannoo is operational lead of the MOSAIC research group at the University of Antwerp and iMinds. He received a M.Sc. degree in electro-technical engineering and a Ph.D. degree from Ghent University (Belgium) in July 2002 and May 2008, respectively. Before joining University of Antwerp in April […]

  • City-of-Things in Antwerp, a large-scale realistic testbed for wireless IoT connectivity and real-time data analysis

    Speaker: Nik Van den Wijngaert, Business Development Manager Company/ Institute: imec Event: 23rd workshop Date: 19 June 2017 Abstract: City of Things brings the Internet of Things to the city. It is a one-of-a-kind initiative, connecting 200.000 urban citizens with developers and tech entrepreneurs, through a massive amount of smart devices spread over the city […]

  • CMOS-based millimeter-wave sensing: technology and applications

    Speaker: Wim Van Thillo Company/ Institute: Imec Event: 14th work meeting – Remote Sensing Technologies Date: 10 December 2013 Abstract: Today already car radars save countless lives every year by preventing road accidents. In the near future, the 79 GHz frequency band will add high-resolution radar capabilities, further increasing safety and comfort of all road users including the […]

  • Cognitive networking: optimizing network resources across heterogeneous networks

    Speaker: Ingrid Moerman Company/ Institute: IBBT – UGent Event: Advances on Cognitive Radio Technology in Flanders Date: 4 October 2011 Abstract: This presentation discusses how cognitive networking can be used for the optimization and sharing of network resources between different devices, different technologies and different networks. This talk will first discuss how cognitive networking can lead to improved […]

  • Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Monitoring: a winning combination not to harm

    Speaker: Sofie Pollin Company/ Institute: imec Event: Advances on Cognitive Radio Technology in Flanders Date: 4 October 2011 Abstract: Cognitive Radio’s are very flexible radios that determine themselves how to operate in the complex wireless environment. This talk will focus first on the flexibility offered by today’s flexible radio solutions. Then, focus is on how these flexible radios can […]

  • Cognitive radio demo

    Speaker: Mikolaj Chwalisz Company/ Institute: TU Berlin Event: 19th work meeting Date: 29 October 2015 Abstract: This demo will show how to set up and execute simple Cognitive Radio experiment. It will be conducted remotely on the TWIST testbed. Participants will have the possibility to perform presented experiment on their own during the event to gain […]