CMOS-based millimeter-wave sensing: technology and applications

Speaker: Wim Van Thillo

Company/ Institute: Imec

Event: 14th work meeting – Remote Sensing Technologies

Date: 10 December 2013


Today already car radars save countless lives every year by preventing road accidents. In the near future, the 79 GHz frequency band will add high-resolution radar capabilities, further increasing safety and comfort of all road users including the most vulnerable ones: pedestrians. As such, 79 GHz radar technology is a cornerstone of tomorrow’s fully autonomous vehicles.
Beyond cars, high-resolution radar systems are applied in industrial sensing, medical monitoring of vital signs and infrastructure applications such as building automation or security systems. Even consumer electronics will employ radar technology, for instance in man-machine interaction and sports monitoring of speed, distance and position.
In this talk we will take a closer look at the technical requirements of these future systems and how imec accelerates their development.

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