At this page you will find all presentations and other resources as presented at our Wireless Community workshops. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order and can also be found through search.

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  • Arduino hardware platform for indoor localisation based on ultra-wideband technology and inertial sensors

    Speaker: Samuel Van de Velde Company/ Institute: Pozyx Event: 20th work meeting Date: 8 December 2015 Abstract: At Pozyx Labs, we do not believe that there exists a single technology for accurate indoor localization. Instead, the solution will come from an intelligent combination of many different technologies. We have created a positioning platform that combines […]

  • Bandwidth management for CloudGate, the intelligent and modular M2M gateway

    Speaker: Patrick Willekens & Vahid Tavakol Company/ Institute: Option Event: 15th work meeting Date: 25 February 2014 Abstract: Option develops the CloudGate, an intelligent and configurable M2M gateway that connects devices to the internet. The gateway is intelligent because a developer can run its own programs on the CloudGate under the OpenWRT Linux environment. It is also configurable because […]

  • Bridging the gap between research & products: some case studies of wireless applications

    Speaker: John Gesquiere Company/ Institute: Televic Event: Launch event of the Wireless Community Date: 19 February 2009 Slides: click here to download (Community members only, login required)

  • Building dynamic IoT ecosystems

    Speaker: Michiel Willocx, researcher Company/ Institute: KU Leuven Event: 25th workshop Date: 6 February 2018 Abstract: Michiel presents an application-centric software architecture for the development of IoT applications. The architecture comprises software abstractions and guidelines for tackling typical challenges in IoT ecosystems such as interoperability and context-based loading of IoT devices. The architecture further focuses […]

  • Building reliable IoT solutions: from sensor to the app

    Speaker: Frank Pasveer, Program Manager IoT Company/ Institute: imec-NL @ Holst Centre Event: 22nd workshop Date: 6 December 2016 Abstract: In this presentation we would like to take you on our journey when building IoT sensor networks. Different testbed deployments accompanying problems and design challenges will be presented. Moreover, an overview of different IoT related […]

  • Building tomorrow’s wireless communication systems

    Speaker: Filip Louagie Company/ Institute: imec Event: launch event of the wireless community Date: 19 February 2009 Slides: click here to download (Community members only, login required)

  • Business models and regulations for Wireless Networks – Cognitive Radio

    Speaker: Pieter Ballon Company/ Institute: iMinds – SMIT – VUB Event: 2nd work meeting Date: 3 September 2009 Abstract: This presentation will address standardization efforts and policy, regulation and business model issues related to mobile communications. This talk will particularly focus on cognitive radio as a novel paradigm for mobile communications. With cognitive radio, networks and handsets have the intelligence […]

  • Campus monitoring system featuring different radio and communication technologies integrated into the OneM2M framework

    Speaker: An Braeken & Kris Steenhaut, Professor Company/ Institute: VUB Event: 25th workshop Date: 6 February 2018 Abstract: The service-oriented approach driven by the oneM2M standardization body striving towards well defined services (nature, format, even semantics), allows to develop horizontal applications that ask services from the available vertical IoT stacks. In this talk we present […]

  • Challenges and opportunities for the Internet of Things

    Speaker: Sofie Pollin Sofie Pollin obtained her PhD degree at KU Leuven with honors in 2006. From 2006-2008 she continued her research on wireless communication, energy-efficient networks, cross-layer design, coexistence and cognitive radio at UC Berkeley.   In November 2008 she returned to imec to become a principal scientist in the green radio team. Since 2012, […]

  • Challenges for chip design at 60 GHz and beyond

    Speaker: Patrick Reynaert Company/ Institute: KU Leuven ESAT Event: 4th work meeting Date: 25 March 2010 Abstract: In the first part of this presentation we present the research activities at the ESAT/MICAS laboratory for 60 GHz communication systems, more specifically PA and VCO design. In the second part, we discuss the challenges for circuit design at frequencies of […]