Challenges for successful IoT integration: The importance of the middleware platform to achieve performance, reliability, efficiency & security

Speaker: Ben Rodriguez, CEO

Company/ Institute: Hipperos

Event: 25th workshop

Date: 6 February 2018


IoT devices typically capture data from sensors, perform some computation and then use wireless communication protocols to communicate with each other or with some cloud-based data storage or cloud computing systems. In many applications, such distributed IoT networks and devices need to satisfy constraints such as low footprint, low power, low reaction latencies or even real-time constraints. They also need to cope with bandwidth limitations by increasing edge computing and to satisfy security requirements both by using encrypted data and by ensuring the device integrity against tampering. Finally, they need to be reliable to achieve a correct Quality of Service at  the lowest possible cost. An important factor to meet those challenges is the right choice of software platform, meaning the operating system, device drivers, system libraries and communication stack software. Many developers use standard software that is either not well adapted for limited IoT devices, or is too simplistic to meet the above challenges. This negative impact is far from negligible. Here, some possible solutions to meet the challenges will be presented.

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