ChipDesign’s Tunable Antenna for Mobile Devices

Speaker: Laurena Lau, Transceive, NL (presenter), Sander Bronckers, TU/e, NL (presenter) and Koen Van Caekenberghe, ChipDesign, BE

Company/ Institute: ChipDesign

Event: 16th work meeting

Date: 16 October


The design of antennas for mobile devices is becoming increasingly challenging. New wireless standards, touting enhanced throughput, require both the coverage of more frequency bands per antenna (to support LTE-A inter-band carrier aggregation for example), as well as more antennas per mobile device (to support IEEE802.11ac or LTE-A MIMO for example). At the same time, mobile devices become sleeker. The Chu-Harrington limit, however, bounds and relates the bandwidth, the efficiency and the volume of electrically small antennas. ChipDesign has therefore developed a multi-functional tunable antenna, which allows multi-band 2G/3G/4G cellular communication, 866 MHz RFID tag reading, L-band DVB-H and S-band SDARS broadcast reception, L2 GPS navigation and 2.45 GHz WLAN (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and WPAN (Bluetooth and ZigBee) connectivity. ChipDesign believes that its on-demand-reconfigurable multi-functional antenna paradigm can provide a solution to the MIMO-on-the-handset conundrum.

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