City of Things: bringing the Internet of Things to the city

Speaker: Bart Lannoo, Operational Lead MOSAIC Research Group

Bart Lannoo is operational lead of the MOSAIC research group at the University of Antwerp and iMinds. He received a M.Sc. degree in electro-technical engineering and a Ph.D. degree from Ghent University (Belgium) in July 2002 and May 2008, respectively. Before joining University of Antwerp in April 2016, he has been working at Ghent University and iMinds, where his main research interests were in the field of fixed and wireless access networks, focusing on MAC protocols, Green ICT and techno-economics. He has been involved in several national and European research projects dealing with various topics like optical access, wireless (city) networks, energy-efficient network design and smart manufacturing. He is author or co-author of more than 100 international publications, both in journals and in proceedings of conferences.

Company/ Institute: University of Antwerp – iMinds

Event: 21st work meeting

Date: 27 April 2016


The IoT landscape is covered with a myriad of wireless technologies, each with their own capabilities, application domains, strengths and  weaknesses. When building your IoT solution: should you go for a Low Power WAN alternative (e.g., LoRa, DASH7) or are the more consumer oriented technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth sufficient. And what happens if you combine them all together? In this talk, we will discuss how the City of Things testbed can be used to answer these questions. City of Things is a heterogeneous multi-technology testbed for performing network and data experiments, which can scale up to the city level. We will give an overview of the current status of the testbed, showcase the first experiments and give you some information on how you can participate.

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