Challenges and opportunities for the Internet of Things

Speaker: Sofie Pollin


Sofie Pollin obtained her PhD degree at KU Leuven with honors in 2006. From 2006-2008 she continued her research on wireless communication, energy-efficient networks, cross-layer design, coexistence and cognitive radio at UC Berkeley.   In November 2008 she returned to imec to become a principal scientist in the green radio team. Since 2012, she is tenure track assistant professor at the electrical engineering department at KU Leuven. Her research centers around Networked Systems that require networks that are ever more dense, heterogeneous, battery powered and spectrum constrained. Prof. Pollin is BAEF and Marie Curie fellow, and IEEE senior member.

Company/ Institute: KU Leuven – ESAT

Event: 17th work meeting

Date: 4 December 2014


The flexibility and ubiquity of wireless communication solutions has played an important role in the explosive growth in mobile radios used in laptops, smartphones and tablets. With the evolution towards wearable and cyber physical systems, mobile systems promise unprecedented opportunities for monitoring and controlling personal health, cities and the environment. Today, we notice that this promise is only partially fulfilled, and important spectrum, battery and flexibility bottlenecks hamper the full potential of the next generation wirelessly connected systems. As 5G research is starting, various innovative ideas are being proposed to promise the much desired power and spectrum-efficient systems.
In this talk, we give an overview of possible 5G techniques relevant for the internet of things.

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