Campus monitoring system featuring different radio and communication technologies integrated into the OneM2M framework

Speaker: An Braeken & Kris Steenhaut, Professor

Company/ Institute: VUB

Event: 25th workshop

Date: 6 February 2018


The service-oriented approach driven by the oneM2M standardization body striving towards well defined services (nature, format, even semantics), allows to develop horizontal applications that ask services from the available vertical IoT stacks. In this talk we present how to create a OneM2M-based campus monitoring system, by showing the building blocks that need to be prepared for enabling interoperability between different wireless solutions.

The plethora of (new) low power radio technologies available on the market can be cleverly applied and combined to suit the requirements set by the intended applications. It is not only important to know which radio technologies are available, but also to be able to use them in a way (e.g. combined) that leads to the best results. Some manufacturers have started to commercialize platforms featuring two radio interfaces. However, the radio interface in such platforms is typically fixed when the node is configured, leaving the other radio interface unused. Being able to automatically select the most suitable radio link in a dynamic way can broaden the possibilities for WSNs.

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