Profile Schréder is the leading independent outdoor lighting provider in the world with a century-long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. We are pushing the limits of our business today to integrate the smart cities space. Our ambition is to bring meaningful moments to people in public spaces at day or at night and we […]


Speaker: Kris Hermus, Innovation Program Manager Flanders Company/ Institute: imec Event: 23rd workshop Date: 19 June 2017 Abstract: TBC. Slides: click here (Kris Hermus) and here (Hans Haagdorens) to download (Community members only, login required)


Speaker: Kris Hermus, Innovation Program Manager Flanders / Founder & Coordinator Wireless Community Company/ Institute: imec Event: 21st work meeting Date: 27 April 2016 Abstract: Slides: click here to download (Community members only, login require

Sensing the environment with a miniaturised mm-wave radar module

Speaker: Wim Van Thillo, Program Director Perceptive Systems Company/ Institute: imec Event: 20th work meeting Date: 8 December 2015 Abstract: Imec develops a millimeter-wave radar module, capable of detecting the position, direction and relative speed of objects in its environment. We discuss the underlying technology, and present a diverse range of possible applications. Slides: available […]

A flexible communication module for smart metering including PLC/wireless/cable communication

Speaker: Filip Louagie, imec Eli De Poorter, iMinds/UGent/IBCN Company/ Institute: imec, iMinds, UGent Event: 18th work meeting Date: 5 February 2015 Abstract: Smarter devices that are always available have given rise to cloud based services to make a more interconnected digital world. At its base is a multitude of communication technologies that carry information and exchange […]

Current market and technology evolutions in smart metering

Speaker: Tristan Ceulemans, Product manager data concentrators Ben Vermeulen, Sales Director Benelux Company/ Institute: Elster EnergyICT Event: 18th work meeting Date: 5 February 2015 Abstract: The smart grid market is moving! Government deadlines, technology standardization, product costs,… results into a business open for new technologies. Elster EnergyICT provide complete solutions from residential meters up to a highly […]

Today’s radio technologies for tomorrow’s smart water valve

Speaker: Dirk Indigne, Hydroko Lieven Hollevoet, Quicksand Company/ Institute: Hydroko and Quicksand Event: 18th work meeting Date: 5 February 2015 Abstract: Future smart cities require smart utility meter devices. One particularly challenging smart device to design is the water valve/meter combination. There is no energy supply available, so the device needs to be battery powered. The […]