Enervalis is the editor of the Smartpower Suite®. The Smartpower Suite® not only monitors all available energy sources such as solar, wind or energy storage (batteries), sensors through IOT and demand side resources such as HVAC, Electric Vehicles et.

With the Smartpower Suite® we Forecast supply and demand and it’s flexibility, making use of weather forecasts, user inputs, historical behavior (big data), occupancy rate, all driven by full automated self-learning algorithms. The Smartpower Suite® controls the energy flexibility in the system to optimize pre-defined strategies such as maximization of green energy consumption, lowest cost, peak curtailment, etc. The Smartpower Suite® comes in different forms though full integrated sub modules, such as Smart Buildings, Smart EV Charging, Smart Microgrids and Smart Settlement.

The Smartpower Suite® is a light though robust agent based software solution that enables a decentralized platform with unlimited scalability. It comes as a hardware-agnostic SaaS middleware platform open to all common interface protocols.

Enervalis is a Belgian software company based in Houthalen with 25 co-workers who enable a 100% green energy society.