The IoT era – the era of endless opportunities. Towards Smart Flanders

Speaker: Luc Van den hove, President and CEO


Luc Van den hove was till June 30, 2009 executive vice president and chief operating officer at imec (Leuven, Belgium). He became chief executive officer (CEO) on July 1, 2009. He joined imec in 1984, starting his research career in the field of silicide and interconnect technologies. In 1988, he became manager of imec’s micro-patterning group (lithography, dry etching); in 1996, department director of unit process step R&D; and in 1998, vice president of the silicon process and device technology division. In January 2007, he was appointed as imec’s EVP & COO. Luc Van den hove received his PhD in electrical engineering from the KU Leuven, Belgium. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications and conference contributions.

Company/ Institute: imec

Event: 21st work meeting

Date: 27 April 2016


We are at the beginning of a new era … the era of the Intuitive Internet of Things. The coming decade, we will see a rise in smart connected systems. Machines, buildings, vehicles, personal appliances will all be equipped with more intelligence that will be interconnected. Smart systems will be unobtrusive, ultra small, cheap, intelligent, and ultra–low power. They will include sensors, actuators, and processing and communication abilities, often in a one-chip wireless solution.

Imec aims at bringing the Internet of Things to the next level. Imec develops the building blocks to create an easy-to-use Internet of Things that surrounds us, that interacts with us as individuals, that learns our habits, our preferences, our health… An Internet of Things that will connect diverse unconnected systems. That will turn the massive amount of measured data in information to make the right decisions, to take the right actions exactly as we need or want.  Of course taking into account our privacy preferences.

This Intuitive Internet of Things will help manage the sustainability, complexity and safety of our world. It will increase our comfort and wellbeing. Once IoT begins rolling out, the opportunities could be enormous. This IoT revolution can turn Flanders into Smart Flanders, creating a sustainable digital future by building on strong interaction between technology epicenters and innovative SMEs.

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