A flexible communication module for smart metering including PLC/wireless/cable communication

Speaker: Filip Louagie, imec
Eli De Poorter, iMinds/UGent/IBCN

Company/ Institute: imec, iMinds, UGent

Event: 18th work meeting

Date: 5 February 2015


Smarter devices that are always available have given rise to cloud based services to make a more interconnected digital world. At its base is a multitude of communication technologies that carry information and exchange messages. In the smart grid context, utility meters collect such status information that can be used for e.g. automatic billing services, energy consumption optimization, automated appliance control, etc.

One of the main criteria for an utility meter is that it has a long life expectancy. It has to support a number of different existing and future communication technologies such as Power Line Communication, wireless and Cable. For this, a flexible and upgradable module is required. In the course of the CoPlaSM project, a Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture is proposed and future wireless communication standards for smart meters have been evaluated.

By means of software, the module is made smart and controllable. A modular software architecture enables network protocols to be interface agnostic. Also, the module can be is kept up-to-date with latest technologies simply by uploading new software to already deployed units, which is a major advantage over dedicated solutions.

Slides: available here after the workshop (Community members only, login required)