e-BO Enterprises

Profile e-BO Enterprises (founded in 2000, 100 FTE, 20 Mio€ revenue) is an industrial partner for IT and OT Services in selective corporate and institutional markets. The portfolio of services covers the full stack from connectivity, security and networking to the application level. The tailored solutions are designed and built with off the shelf components […]


Profile Odisee campuses are located in Alost (Aalst), Brussels (Brussel), Dilbeek, Ghent (Gent), Schaerbeek (Schaarbeek) and Saint-Nicolas (Sint-Niklaas). Odisee offers 25 professional Bachelor degree programmes and 3 Bachelor-after-Bachelor programmes in 6 fields of study:   Biotechnology, Commercial sciences and business studies, Education, Health care, Industrial science and technology and Social and community work. Odisee offers […]


Profile PsiControl is your reliable partner for the full life cycle management of your electronic system. Based on our industrial background, we at PsiControl are able to offer electronic systems that are designed for 24/7 problem-free operation. Through innovative programs, a set of technology platforms can be built that are ready for use in your […]