e-BO Enterprises

Profile e-BO Enterprises (founded in 2000, 100 FTE, 20 Mio€ revenue) is an industrial partner for IT and OT Services in selective corporate and institutional markets. The portfolio of services covers the full stack from connectivity, security and networking to the application level. The tailored solutions are designed and built with off the shelf components […]


Profile Schréder is the leading independent outdoor lighting provider in the world with a century-long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. We are pushing the limits of our business today to integrate the smart cities space. Our ambition is to bring meaningful moments to people in public spaces at day or at night and we […]

Unitron Group

Profile UnitronGroup develops, produces and sells worldwide custom-made devices and technologies for telecommunication and multimedia applications through local partnerships. Our flexible team offers you for every evolution a custom-made solution, as a strategic partner we work out your specific needs for the future. Website: unitrongroup.com