Trends in signal processing for automotive radar systems

Speaker: Feike Jansen

Company/ Institute: NXP Semiconductors

Event: 14th work meeting – Remote Sensing Technologies

Date: 10 December 2013


In an effort to lower traffic accidents car manufacturers and regulatory organizations are proposing new advanced driver assistance systems such blind spot monitors and automatic emergency braking systems.  Automotive radar is a key enabling technology of these systems due to its robustness against weather influences such as rain and fog.
Currently installed radar systems use a form of frequency modulated continuous wave that requires a complicated detection and estimation technique and suffers from ghost object detection. Alternative waveforms offer more robust object detection and shorter measurement times.
Reliable object tracking and classification requires a high direction of arrival (DOA) measurement. However, limited available space in car bumpers and cost prohibit the use of large antenna arrays. Using MIMO techniques known from communication systems, antenna arrays with multiple transmit and receive elements can be used to enhance the resolution of the DOA measurement.
In this presentation trends in waveform design and MIMO-based angle of arrival estimation techniques will be presented.

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