The satellite spotbeam generation – Introducing a major industry revolution

Speaker: Bart Van Poucke

Company/ Institute: Newtec

Event: 7th work meeting

Date: 24 March 2011


The demand for internet access will grow at an impressive rate in the coming years. New applications including HDTV together with Over The Top content distribution will need a major increase in available capacity. This capacity can be provided by both terrestrial cable, ADSL, 4G mobile and satellite services.
For satellite the introduction of Ka-band multiple spot beam technology will lower the investment cost of the  services by a factor ten in combination with a more than 10 times higher capacity. This will have a major impact on the satellite market, including broadband access, broadcast and business applications.
Newtec is a leading satellite company providing products that enable this revolution. Newtec will introduce the technology, position its advantages and discuss technological challenges in order to operate profitable Ka-band services.

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