Wirelessly connected home: an island or not?

Speaker: Jan Vercruysse

Company/ Institute: Option NV

Event: 7th work meeting

Date: 24 March 2011


After last year, a difficult year for Option, a short introduction to the newborn company is presented.
Wireless operators are bidding for the favours of people at home, offering fixed mobile internet, home gateways, the iPad as a universal remote control for home smart devices. Mass market adoption of wirelessly connected home appliances (GSM/Wi-Fi), content centres (with DRM), security systems and energy monitors (M2M) has long been predicted. But should the home be seen as an extension to the outside world of broadband access? Is the home just an island connected to the main land? What do we have today and what are we looking for? At least these things-of-Internet should be intuitive, adaptive (smart learning), secure and why not without any looking over the shoulder.
Option wants to have a voice in this debate with all concerned.

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