Ultra Low Power Wireless – The Key to Wireless Autonomous Transducer Solutions (WATS) Li Huang, Project Lea

Speaker: Li Huang

Company/ Institute: Holst Centre/imec-NL

Event: 7th work meeting

Date: 24 March 2011


The traditionally required expensive wiring installation or routine battery changes motivate wireless autonomous transducer solutions (WATS), which make energy harvesting essential. However, based on off-the-shelf components, the current energy harvesters cannot provide sufficient power for a typical wireless sensor node. A further power analysis shows that the wireless module is the main component whose power consumption needs to be significantly reduced.
In this talk, we will discuss imec’s ultra low-power wireless system based on the superregenerative receiver, and demonstrate its suitability to achieve WATS. We focus on IC Design and system architectures. In addition, we will discuss recent standardization activities in wireless body area networks (WBAN), and show how imec’s designed wireless systems are applicable to WBAN.

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