The WHIPP tool: an indoor wireless network planner for automatic coverage and exposure optimization

Speaker: David Plets

Company/ Institute: UGent – iMinds / dept. Wireless & Cable (WiCa)

Event: 12th work meeting

Date: 5 February 2013


The increasing use of indoor wireless systems in office buildings, exhibition halls, factories,. . . and the concern about human exposure to radio-frequency sources, gives rise to a need for an indoor coverage and exposure prediction tool that can be used for different building types, with a sufficient accuracy.
In this talk, an accurate multi-purpose network planner will be presented. It is not only able to predict coverage and electric-field strength distributions on a building floor, but also to automatically design a network, based on user-defined throughput requirements for the different rooms. Moreover, the tool is able to make the designed network meet a certain exposure limit, so that the resulting field strengths on the building floor do not exceed a user-defined limit, e.g. 3 V/m. This tool can be of great use for indoor network planners, both before and after the installation phase.

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