A proof of concept implementation of cognitive wireless sensor networks in the w-iLab.t testbed

Speaker: Wei Liu

Company/ Institute: UGent – iminds / dept. IBCN

Event: 12th work meeting

Date: 5 February 2013


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have become increasingly popular. However, like any wireless communication system, when a large amount of devices compete for the radio spectrum, connectivity may become unstable or even fail.
Cognitive Radio (CR) allows radios configuring their channels dynamically so that the radio spectrum can be utilized more efficiently. Receiver Directed Transmission (RDT) is a cognitive solution for a large scale WSN to avoid Wi-Fi interference in complex office environments.
In this presentation we showcase an RDT-based cognitive WSN on a large-scale wireless testbed. The channel knowledge is retrieved through distributed and heterogeneous spectral sensing. We compare the performance of the cognitive WSN against regular WSN. We further explore how the energy detection threshold can influence the performance of the RDT solution.

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