RF energy harvesting in RFID and wireless powering of implantable medical devices

Speakers: Ramses Valvekens (Easics) & Jeroen Van Ham (ICsense)

Company/ Institute: Easics & ICsense

Event: 10th work meeting

Date: 31 May 2012


Easics and ICsense present a short overview of their ASIC developments in the area of RF harvesting and wireless power transfer.
The first case is a UHF EPC Gen-2 passive RFID tag with active functionality: read/write of 32kB non-volatile memory and I2C for sensor connectivity. The RFID tags only receive power from the reader’s RF field and have no backup battery.
The second case is wireless powering of medical implants, such as intelligent wireless charging of implanted Li-ion batteries and power and data transfer to implanted neurostimulators.

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