Reliable wireless communication

Speaker: Eli De Poorter & Ingrid Moerman

Company/ Institute: iMindsUGent – IBCN

Event: 15th work meeting

Date: 25 February 2014


A major challenge in wireless systems is the lack of spectral bandwidth, resulting in not guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). In the QoCON project we tackled the overload of the wireless spectrum in the interference signals bu introducing spectrum sensing – the most elementary function of cognitive radios, and cognitive networks. This presentation gives an overview of developed solutions:

  • Monitoring the wireless environment and ‘understanding’ it.
  • Self-learning optimization of control operations such as power control, and selection of channels or wireless technologies.
  • Transparent handover between different technologies.

The outcomes of the project have been implemented in 3 application domains: wireless conferencing systems, M2M gateways and wireless digital collaboration.

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