Reflections by the telecom operators on innovations for reduced radiation

Speakers: Koen De Troyer (Proximus), Christof Olivier (Mobistar) & Johan Vandenbroek (KPN Group Belgium)

Company/ Institute: Proximus, Mobistar & KPN Group Belgium

Event: 8th work meeting

Date: 18 Ocotber 2011


The following topics will be covered:

  • To what extent do (and will) the telecom operators take into account the technological possibilities for reduced EM radiation in their network infrastructure?
  • What is a realistic roadmap towards the realisation of the ALATA principle: EM radiation that is as low as technically achievable
  • What could be the role of femtocells?
  • Which role can research institutes play in the introduction of new concepts in cellular networks?
  • How important is standardisation for the valorisation of new research concepts?

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