PLENARY: The Smart Home and the ZigBee Standards

Speaker: Bram Van Den Bosch

Company/ Institute: GreenPeak

Event: 11th work meeting

Date: 8 November 2013


Wireless networks have existed in our homes for decades. Cordless phones and wireless data networks like Wi-Fi are commoditized applications in our daily lives. Today, a new wireless network of home applications is emerging and addresses low power consumption, low data rate sense and control applications like remote controls, energy efficiency, home security, access control, HVAC monitoring, lighting, home health care, etc.
The first phase of the Smart Home has begun – proprietary stand-alone applications, like stand-alone thermostats, wired security devices, IR-remote controls, etc., but so far, few of them are connected to the internet. The next phase is where these devices migrate to using the open ZigBee standard based communication technology and connect via the set-top box to the Internet. The final phase will arrive when these devices together create an environmental aware, safe and secure, and energy efficient home that can be managed via smart phones and mobile devices over the net, from any location.

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