OneM2M integration: steps + bindings


Company/ Institute: VUB

Event: 25th workshop

Date: 6 February 2018


The OneM2M framework provides means to move towards a more powerful and accessible IoT, through horizontal integration. This can be done through standardized bindings, that provide interoperability between different standardised application-layer protocols (MQTT, CoAp and HTTP). Interoperability can also be achieved in OneM2M by developing custom interworking proxies. We will demonstrate the two approaches by using the Eclipse OM2M project, an open source implementation of the OneM2M specification. The integration of different solutions from different vendors, featuring different radio technologies will be demonstrated. In particular, SigFox-based trackers, LoRa-based sensors and IEEE802.15.4 based-sensors using MQTT and CoAP will be used during the demo.

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