Interference management for mobile devices: technology and standardization trends

Speaker: Sofie Pollin

Company/ Institute: imec

Event: 5th work meeting

Date: 14 September 2010


Anything, anywhere, anytime: the query is not new. Still, offering ubiquitous connectivity and seamless access to services is not yet a reality. While the use of wireless communication technology is increasing, the achieved performance is more and more limited because also interference is anywhere, anytime and anything. Interference management will hence become more and more important for next generations mobile devices. No single solution is expected to solve all coexistence problems and a combined approach will be required. Focus in this presentation will be on three promising techniques to avoid interference and hence improve coexistence: spectrum sensing and opportunistic spectrum use, small hybrid cells and distributed beamforming techniques. Technical building blocks will be presented, in line with next generation standards.

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