Electronic beam steering arrays: a reality at ESAT-TELEMIC

Speaker: Hantao Xu (promotor: Prof. Guy Vandenbosch)

Company/ Institute: KU Leuven – ESAT

Event: 16th work meeting

Date: 16 October


For decades scientists and engineers have been performing abundant research on multiple antenna systems. In many modern wireless systems, multiple antenna technology is proposed to improve system performance, for example involving coverage and capacity. However, there is a brick wall lying between the well-established theoretical work and prototyping on the one hand, and the commercial application of multiple antenna technology in wireless communication systems on the other hand.

In the antenna group of ESAT-TELEMIC, KU Leuven, as part of the scientific community we carry out investigations on theoretical issues such as beamforming, direction finding, etc., but on top we also build functioning prototypes as test platforms for real life applications. Not only the performance of an algorithm is investigated, but also the complexity of the algorithm, related to a suitable electronic architecture, and its actual implementation. Several practical systems have been designed and manufactured, including analog and digital beamforming arrays, ranging from a simple 2 elements array to a fully digital 16 elements arrays for multi user tracking. In this presentation, an overview of these prototypes and their functionalities will be given.

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