Demo 4: Virtual Gateway placement in MAC-heterogeneous symbiotic communities

Speaker: Daniel van den Akker

Company/ Institute: iMinds UAntwerpen-PATS

Event: 13th work meeting – final event SymbioNets project

Date: 15 October 2013


Within the Symbionets project this demo focuses on enabling end-to-end connectivity between MAC-heterogeneous sensor communities. To this end we first developed the MultiMAC network stack, which is capable of running multiple MAC protocols simultaneously on top of a single radio interface. By doing so, regular nodes can act as “Virtual Gateways” and thereby enable end-to-end connectivity between MAC heterogeneous sensor communities. We have subsequently integrated the MultiMAC stack with the previously developed community discovery and symbiotic negotiation mechanisms to allow these communities to engage in symbiotic cooperation. During the final event of this project we will discuss the problem of deciding where Virtual Gateways should be placed once symbiotic cooperation between the communities has been established. This not only depends on the incentives of the communities but also on the traffic flows in and between the communities. This problem is further complicated by the fact that these traffic flows are in turn influenced by the used Virtual Gateway placement. During the demo we will show a Proof-of-Concept of our heuristic mechanism for Virtual Gateway placement. We will explain how different deployment scenarios will actually influence the traffic streams within the symbiotic network and discuss the effect of this new technology on the overall network performance. Special attention will be given to how this mechanism is integrated into the overall Symbiotic process.