Demo 3: Dynamic service composition for transport and logistics

Speakers: Nelson Matthys (iMinds – KU Leuven-Distrinet) & Tim De Pauw (iMinds-UGent-IBCN)

Company/ Institute: iMinds

Event: 13th work meeting – final event SymbioNets project

Date: 15 October 2013


Scenarios from the field of transport and logistics are emulated to create a realistic setting for the composition of symbiotic software services. In particular, we consider the arrival of a transport vehicle at a warehouse. Upon this event, the symbiotic service platform detects the introduction of a new objective: the integrity of the cargo on the vehicle needs to be verified. Optionally, in case the cargo integrity requirements have been violated, a second objective originates: the appropriate parties must be informed. To realize such objectives, the platform mixes and matches services offered by the symbiotic community. The resulting service invocation graph is then translated to a deployment plan. The reconfigurable middleware installed on each symbiotic device allows for the enactment of deployment plans. Furthermore, changes in the infrastructure, such as the removal of services or nodes, are automatically detected and reacted upon.