Demo 4: Intelligent handover to avoid interference

Speaker: Vahid Tavakol and Patrick Willekens (Option) & Wim Torfs (iMinds – UAntwerpen-PATS)

Company/ Institute: Option & iMindsUAntwerpen-PATS

Event: 15th work meeting

Date: 25 February 2014


SCTP is a protocol that provides the means to setup multiple parallel streams, even over different technologies, such that if one stream appears to be broken, all traffic is sent through the other streams. SCTP is not perfect though, since it needs to miss a certain number of heartbeats before it considers a link as being broken. The heartbeat rate is adjustable, but as always, there needs to be a compromise between the overhead of sending heartbeats and the responsiveness. We propose an intelligent version of SCTP, which makes use of QoS measurements. When a link starts to deteriorate, we allow SCTP to switch to another primary link, even before the link is considered broken.
In the demo scenario, audio will be streamed from the SCTP server to the client. The audio MOS scores give an indication of the network performance, and will be displayed in real time on the screen. An interactive feature for enabling/disabling interference is provided which will show that the SCTP will switch when the link deteriorates. By intelligently switching at an early stage, no packet loss will be incurred.