Demo 2: Better conferencing solutions using real-time spectrum sensing

Speaker: John Gesquiere and Carl Lylon (Televic), Wei Lui and Michael Mehari (iMinds-UGent-IBCN) & Hans Cappelle and Claude Desset (imec)

Company/ Institute: Televic, iMindsUGent-IBCN & imec

Event: 15th work meeting

Date: 25 February 2014


Televic Conference provides solutions for a wide variety of applications that require moderated discussion, simultaneous interpretation and electronic voting. In this demo, the wireless conferencing solution Confidea Wireless has been integrated in the iMinds w-iLab.t testbed. The w-iLab.t is equipped with a wide variety of software defined radios (USRP, WARP, IMEC sensing engines, …) that can be used to obtain real-time spectral information. The demonstrator will show that these devices can be used for obtaining real-time information from multiple frequency bands and are capable of detecting even transient signals such as Bluetooth. Using the sensing devices available in this testbed, it is possible to detect the least occupied frequency and make sure this is used for a reliable conference with clear audio quality.