A distributed body-worn textile-antenna wireless sensor network

Speaker: Hendrik Rogier and Patrick Van Torre

Company/ Institute: UGent

Event: 16th work meeting

Date: 16 October


A distributed on-body network, incorporating multiple autonomous wireless sensor nodes was designed and implemented.
The sensor nodes are integrated onto a dual-polarized textile antenna platform and allow polarization diversity by means of selection combining.
Synchronous data acquisition is performed on each wireless unit, transmitting the data in real time to a base station.
Each body-worn node is also actively forwarding packets from all other nodes, significantly increasing the reliability as well as the range of the communication.
The system is fully autonomous, very compact, low-cost and flexible, enabling unobtrusive integration into rescue-worker garment.

A demonstration of the wireless sensor system displays the real-time wireless transmission of 3-axis accelerometer data and their direct graphical visualization.
The cooperation of several wireless sensor nodes is also included, graphically
displaying sensor data from all nodes in real-time and illustrating packet

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