3D imaging and gesture recognition by means of time-of-flight sensing: technology and applications

Speaker: Rogier Scheffer

Company/ Institute: SoftKinetic

Event: 14th work meeting – Remote Sensing Technologies

Date: 10 December 2013


SoftKinetic develops end-to-end solutions for 3D vision, used in everything from gesture-control to context awareness.
Time-of-flight (ToF) CMOS sensors form the heart of Softkinetic’s 3D vision systems. The ToF sensors measure how long it takes for infrared light to make the trip from the camera and back – the time-of-flight. Real-time processing of the ToF raw data turn these sensors into 3D vision system, that can understand human gestures as well as the shape, size and behavior of objects.
The solutions of SoftKinetic are widely used in PCs and portable devices, smart TVs, cars, digital entertainment and signage, and medical systems. Personal devices can be given the ability to understand ever more about the user, their surroundings and their environment.
This presentation will focus on the ToF technology, and discuss current and future applications.

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