Wireless networking by 2020: the iMinds IoT program

Speaker: Jeroen Hoebeke

Jeroen Hoebeke is assistant professor at the IBCN research group of Ghent University, which is affiliated with iMinds. He is active in the Mobile and Wireless research cluster of IBCN, where he is working on solutions for realizing the Internet of Things. Research topics include, amongst others, robust wireless communication, embedded web services, deployment and self-organisation, etc.

Company/ Institute: iMinds-UGent

Event: 17th work meeting

Date: 4 December 2014


It is estimated that by 2020, 50 billion objects will be connected to the Internet, forming what is called the Internet of Things. Most of these devices will make use of wireless communication technologies in order to interact with the virtual world. On top of that, the heterogeneity in device types and data streams together with the required aggregated throughput will become unprecedented.

During this talk we will argue that this evolution will give rise to some major challenges that are currently only partially addressed by existing wireless communication solutions. Next, we will introduce the wireless research activities that are part of the recently launched iMinds IoT program, which aim to provide an answer to these challenges.

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