Ten years of Cognitive Radio: finding business opportunities, clearing regulatory bottlenecks

Speaker: Simon Delaere

Company/ Institute: IBBT – VUB – SMIT

Event: Advances on Cognitive Radio Technology in Flanders

Date: 4 October 2011


Cognitive Radio has now been researched for over 10 years. The changing wireless landscape -with ever increasing demand for bandwidth and a proliferation of wireless technologies wishing to make use of it- seems to make the argument for its introduction stronger and stronger. As refarming and reallocation of frequencies as well as innovation in the Radio Access Technologies themselves do not suffice to deal with increasing spectrum scarcity, CR techniques may be a way forward.
However, ten years later commercial applications of CR are virtually non-existent. As this talk will explain, this is largely due to the variety of business scenarios for Cognitive Radio, the vastly different attitudes and strategies of stakeholders in these various scenarios, and equally diverging regulatory bottlenecks.
It will be argued that secondary use of TV White Space using geo-location databases is a welcome and necessary first step for CR or CR-like technologies, but that CR can and should do much more than this.