TalkingDots: end-to-end solution for the wireless monitoring of construction environments

Speaker: Noman Ahmed, Thomas Van Durme and Jelle Van Gompel

Company/ Institute: TalkingDots

Event: 21st work meeting

Date: 27 April 2016


TalkingDots provides wireless low-power sensors to monitor construction environments. The sensors are placed on top of concrete floorings to determine when to put the finishing layer on. The same is done for plastered walls to provide an update when painting can start. TalkingDots provides an end-to-end solution where the focus is on both data acquisition as well its interpretation for the construction environment. Hereto, the data is sent and analysed on the TalkingDots online cloud platform. This way, project developers, engineers and contractors can remotely perform quality control and optimally plan their construction process. The sensors themselves are small, energy efficient, have a long transmitting range, are attachable to a variety of surfaces and can stand the harsh environment of the construction site.

Slides: available after the workshop (Community members only, login required)