Standardisation for 60 GHz communication

Speaker: André Bourdoux

Company/ Institute: imec

Event: 4th work meeting

Date: 25 March 2010


We give a general introduction to 60 GHz communication, and discuss the ongoing standardisation efforts in more detail.
The following aspects will be covered:

  • Applications: WLAN, WPAN, Wirelessm HDMI, sync-&-go, fast up/down-load, etc.
  • High-level systems aspects: why 60GHz, available bands at 60 GHz, link budgetm need for beamforming, propagation, absorption
  • Standardization and consortia: IEEE802.15.3c, IEEEE802.11ad, ECMA-387, WGA, WirelessHD, etc.
  • short overview and performance of the physical layer: modulation type, coding, bit rate, etc.

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