Silicon radars and smart algorithms: a unique combination for disruptive innovation in perceptive IoT systems

Speaker: Wim Van Thillo, Program Director Perceptive Systems for IoT

Company/ Institute: imec

Event: 22nd workshop

Date: 6 December 2016


Perceptive IoT systems are cyber-physical systems with perception and connectivity capabilities on par or superior to those of humans. Thanks to these capabilities, they can seamlessly blend into our everyday environments, creating a fully intuitive IoT. The autonomous car is a very well-known example that combines cutting edge sensing and processing capabilities with the latest wireless connectivity to this effect. When technology cost comes down and manufacturing volumes go up, plenty more applications will emerge, leading to truly smart cities, infrastructure, homes and industrial environments.

Radar is such a sensing technique currently undergoing dramatic reduction of cost, power consumption and form factor combined with an increase in resolution and algorithmic capabilities. These advances are driven by semiconductor technology scaling and machine learning improvements. Since ASICs are starting to hit the market in ever larger volumes and varieties, this is the right moment to start your application development and benefit from this industry-wide trend.

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