Recent developments in IEEE 802.11: from sub-1GHz M2M communication to high-speed communication at 60GHz

Speaker: André Bourdoux

Company/ Institute: Imec

Event: 12th work meeting

Date: 5 February 2013


Pushed by technology improvements and pulled by user and application needs, wireless standards are in constant evolution. WLAN standards are no exception. Developed in the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, WLAN standards contribute to shape the future of advanced mobile platforms such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The challenge is to find wireless techniques featuring high performance, low cost, low power, low form factor and operating over scarce spectral resources. The main performance requirements is high throughput (now in the Gbit/s range), but range, robustness and multi-user capabilities are also crucial.
This presentation will describe the current developments and trends in the 802.11 Working Group.
It will mostly address 802.11ac (MIMO in 5GHz band), 11ad (60GHz), 11af (WLAN in TV White spaces) and 11ah (long range WLAN and Machine-to-Machine in sub-1GHz bands).

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