Low-cost accurate GPS positioning of autonomous vehicles

Speaker: Frederik Petre

Company/ Institute: Flanders Make

Event: 20th work meeting

Date: 8 December 2015


  • This video demo will highlight the results achieved so far in the GPS positioning project, currently running at Flanders Make. Special attention will be given to the following low-cost developments:
  1. Conventional Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning to provide global positions at regular timing intervals of maximum one second. This basic system is improved through the use of low–cost Precise Point Position (PPP). The PPP-GNSS is carefully designed using signal processing techniques to apply correction parameters that will reduce positioning errors into the order of dm.
  2. Visual beacons are used to further decrease absolute positioning errors.
  3. Visual odometry is used to maintain position estimates within a certain error interval in the absence of updates from the other positioning systems. Firstly, a forward looking stereo camera is used to reach an error drift within dm-range over an interval. Secondly, a ground facing camera is used to maintain a finer cm-range drift error over the interval.
  4. Dead reckoning using Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)s will be used to maintain the position drift within an acceptable meter-range error envelope in the absence of absolute positions.

Slides: available after the workshop (Community members only, login required)