IoT applications and services in intelligent transport systems

Speaker: Peter Van der Perre

Peter Van der Perre is managing director of Intelligent Transport Systems Belgium since March 2007. ITS Belgium is a public-private partnership that seeks to accelerate the deployment of M2M services in the mobility domain. Prior to this, Peter worked for more than 10 years for ITS Europe, where he was responsible for the research programme. Peter obtained a master’s in economics and ICT as well as a doctorate in industrial engineering.)

Company/ Institute: ITS Belgium

Event: 17th work meeting

Date: 4 December 2014


This presentation provides an overview of ITS or Intelligent Transport Systems. ITS M2M services are changing the world of mobility and logistics as they allow to make the best possible use of existing infrastructure, and this across all modes of transport.

Slides: available after the workshop (Community members only, login required)