Imec’s UWB technology for localization: status and plans

Speaker: Jac Romme

Company/ Institute: imec NL @ Holst Centre

Event: 9th work meeting

Date: 6 December 2011


In the last decade, satellite navigation GPS was introduced in many consumer electronics, like car navigation, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. However, GPS does not provide indoor coverage. A wireless solution providing ULP communication with localization capabilities promises a wide range of applications in e.g. logistics, healthcare, indoor navigation and network security.
Imec-nl wants to prove that UWB technology is a mature radio technology with unique features allowing for indoor localization at a low power consumption and a low cost. The target system specifications are an indoor localization accuracy of 10 cm and a range of 100 meters in LOS conditions.
In this presentation, we will provide an insight in current project status and future steps.

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